Shermol Cleaners Services & Supplies offers a broad range of cleaning services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our cleaning professionals are trained in traditional and environmentally friendly practices to provide a variety of building maintenance services including:

Office Cleaning

Ensure your office maintains its professional atmosphere with our worry-free office cleaning services.

A clean and inviting office environment is crucial to building client relationships and enhancing employee moral. Our office cleaning services provide a worry-free way to maintain a professional atmosphere every day. We do the work, so you can concentrate on your business. From reception areas to restrooms, Shermol Cleaners Service has the resources and expertise to get any office cleaning job done right the first time.

Our carefully engineered office cleaning programs and environmentally-friendly technology provide your business with a strong return on your cleaning investment. Our office cleaning programs are continually updated to give our clients the optimum level of service and care while remaining well within your established budget.

At Shermol Cleaners Service, we understand the concerns of our customers and we work diligently to provide quality office cleaning services while maintaining the security of your office or facility. All of our office cleaning services are backed by stringent quality controls and are performed in accordance with cleaning program, specifically design for your facility. After each service our team will follow your established security procedures to ensure your building is always protected.

Carpet Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning will provide your business with a fresh and hygienic environment.Carpet and upholstery cleaning prolongs the life of carpet and furnishings while removing and protecting them from soil, stains, allergens, mould, pollens and odor penetration. Accumulated soil and grit are a major cause of reduced carpet life and enable harmful bacteria to grow unchecked. Professionally cleaned and sanitized carpets are more visually appealing and hygienic than poorly maintained carpets.

Dry extraction carpet cleaning uses a biodegradable detergent to effectively remove dirt while conserving water and conveniently taking less than an hour to dry. Deep cleaning encapsulation and low-moisture cleaning are carpet processes for high traffic areas.

Complete Floor Care

Maintain your building’s excellence with our immaculate floor cleaning and care services.

Immaculate and gleaming hard composition floors make a strong statement about a building, the professionalism of its occupants and a business’ commitment to the health of its employees and visitors.

Shermol Clearners Service provides a variety of technical, equipment and green cleaning product solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of vinyl, stone, ceramic and other hard floor surfaces. Our advanced floor cleaning equipment and labor-saving techniques provide superior flexibility and enhance cleaning technician productivity.

More of a facility’s maintenance and cleaning budget is spent on floor care than any other janitorial process. To achieve cost-effective and efficient cleaning, we accomplish the precise level of cleanliness for every hard floor surface and soil traffic level throughout the building. Project-based floor care tasks like stripping, refinishing and sealing hard floors are a critical part of maintaining a positive business image and a hygienic work environment.


Window Cleaning

Give your building the shine it deserves with our professional window cleaning services.

Shermol Cleaners Service understands the appearance of your building can greatly contribute to or detract from your business reputation. Dirty windows in your facility can be seen by everyone, staff and clients alike. Our high-quality and thorough window cleaning services reflect the best possible external image for your facility and provide your employees with a bright and clean work environment.A

We can tackle difficult window cleaning jobs and provide the safest and most cost-effective cleaning methods, up-to-date equipment and environmentally safe products. Bundling window cleaning into your portfolio of monthly cleaning services is typically more cost effective than retaining a standalone window cleaning contractor. Whatever your window cleaning requirements, we can design a practical and efficient cleaning program to meet your needs.

Property Maintenance

Allow our on-call technicians to service all of your building maintenance needs.

When building components break, wear out or need replacement, Shermol Cleaners Service is on-call so that minor repair or replacement projects don’t become major headaches.

From replacing lighting components, ceiling tiles, broken door handles to light plumbing, carpentry or electrical work, our trained technicians get the job done right in an efficient, time-saving manner that keeps your business productive and prevents complaints and staff inconveniences.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Ceilings and walls are exposed to dirt and dust, pet dander, cooking oils and grease, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants. Your heating and air conditioning system can distribute these contaminants throughout your property.

Ceiling and wall cleaning should be part of the cleaning maintenance of your home or business. You should also clean walls before painting so that the primer and paint can adhere properly.

Whether you are preparing to paint or just looking for professional cleaning, Shermol Cleaners Service can help. Let us keep it clean for you.