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What do we do

We are a trusted, local, owner-operated, professional company and one of Guyana’s quickly progressing leaders in  janitorial services. As experts in this field, we pride ourselves in producing incomparable, satisfactory services and pledge to provide our clients with a lasting partnership that is mutually beneficial.

Exceptional customer service and attention to detail makes the backbone of the cleaning industry. Therefore we at Shermol Cleaners Services & Supplies Inc. comprise of a body of qualified, experienced and efficient workers who value each and every one of our customers. We are committed to providing quality cleaning at an affordable price. We also offer a variety of services daily or weekly with customized schedules to fit your needs.

Our History

Our History

The now fully acclaimed Shermol Cleaners Services & Supplies Inc. opened its doors to the general public in 2010. Then Annomi Carpet Cleaners, the company was run by the diligent Mr. Brimo Jeffers and a hand full of industrious workers eager to serve the needs of reassuring clients. With a few, very basic cleaning equipment, this small company was able to serve a number of public and private consumers including small businesses in and around Georgetown. Its focal point then, being floor décor (carpets, mats, etc.) of all shapes, colours and sizes of course.

With numerous investments and upgrades, the company increased its work force, enhanced its cleaning equipment and improved its overall outlook on janitorial services in Guyana. Following the death of the then C.E.O Mr. Brimo Jeffers full power and control of the company was handed down to his sister Ms. Molly Jeffers who is the sole proprietor to date.

Continued injected capital and human resources afforded the company the ability to reach to greater lengths. Some of which included securing a fixed location at Lot 2150 Block X Diamond. Annomi Carpet Cleaners was also renamed to the familiar Shermol Cleaners Services & Supplies Inc. and registered on the 22nd May, 2013 (Certificate No. 114345). The company now serves several high end clients and businesses around Guyana, including our notable manufacturing plant BANKS D.I.H LIMITED and FARFAN AND MENDES GROUPS OF COMPANIES.

More than 10 years after initiation, recollecting from our fragile grass roots in 2010, our company is still going strong, offering clients a culture which always strives to do more or as some would say excellence. Honesty, reliability and customer satisfaction are the traits behind our success.

We Take Pride In The Service We Provide


Shermol Cleaners Services & Supplies Inc. makes it our duty to specialize in creating and sustaining attractive, clean, healthy, and safe working environments while focusing on service excellence and operational efficiencies.


President and CEO of Shermol Cleaners Services & Supplies Inc.

Who we are

Ms. Molly Jeffers is the CEO of Shermol Cleaners Services and Supplies Inc., a premier women-led and operated janitorial company registered in Georgetown, Guyana since 2010. Shermol currently employs approximately 45 persons, 85% are female, employed in various roles. Ms. Jeffers began her professional career as an Immigration Officer for the Government of Guyana and later changed her career path to become an entrepreneur. Ms. Jeffers started her first company in the importation of cosmetic and hair care products and later founded Shermol Cleaners Services and Supplies Inc. Ms. Jeffers is passionate about entrepreneurship and creating economic livelihoods for her teams and her community and has a customer-centre attitude that has propelled Shermol Cleaners Services and Supplies Inc.as a leader in the janitorial service sector. Her charismatic approach to leadership and her honest and genuine client and people focus has led to continuous raving reviews by customer, clients and suppliers. Ms. Jeffers uses her experience and business acumen to continually improve the Shermol Cleaners Services & Supplies Inc. customer experience, brand image, staff empowerment and company growth. Ms. Jeffers is described as focus, driven, jovial, passionate and sincere person. Ms. Jeffers has infused Shermol Cleaners Services and Supplies Inc. with her own brand of energetic leadership, vision and spirit. On the lighter side Molly loves travel, and she is always accompanied by her beautiful daughter on her many traveling expeditions.
Molly Jeffers
President and CEO